Our Family Box, Feeds Your Family for an Entire Week!


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100% Award Winning

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More About Our Story

Nashville's Top Chefs is a first of a kind, food community service project, for all.

We are a team of award winning chefs, trainers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, here to save families over 50% on their weekly food budget.

$40 will feed your family for a week.
$7 will provide customized gourmet fresh meal kits, ready to eat.

We connect like minded people to life changing health & wellness opportunities.

In 2019, we will host conferences on healthy food, health, & wellness.

We have a national scholarship fund, focused on empowering learners of all ages, across all of the following areas.

Disaster Relief Service Projects
Summer Enrichment Camps
Athletic & Wellness Training
College Admissions Testing & Preparation
Trade & Industry Certifications
Trade Schools
2 Year Degrees
4 Year Degrees
Graduate Schools

We are focused on demonstrating the power of unifying communities, placing servant leadership at the forefront of positive change in the lives and daily budget of families.

We support leadership & life development activities for families, youth, students, and career professionals, focused on pursuing your passion.

Food Brings Families Together! Join Our Campaign!

Families come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. In celebration of this concept, we will have a raffle to offer 5 families, one free family box, just for submitting a picture of their family, having a good time, in fellowship, together.

The winning submissions will be announced  this May, and celebrated at our upcoming 2019 World Food Championship Pre-Qualifier Event, on May 11th!


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