We are going to empower communities through healthy food!

Our Mission

To solve healthy food access for families.

About Knowledge Academies, Inc.

Nashville's Top Chefs
Nashville's Top Chefs is a community service learning project of Knowledge Academies, Inc. (KA). This five-time national award winning learning model empowers communities through real world projects that empower families towards a successful life.


The mission of Nashville's Top Chefs is to solve healthy food access for families. This will be achieved through a first of a kind network of resources that address healthy food, wellness, financial literacy, and career advancement.

Our team has also been selected to develop national community service programs focused on financial literacy with the author of The Millionaire Choice, along with a career advancement scholarship, in partnership with one of the world's leading entertainment entrepreneurs, who founded and managed two of the world's leading entertainers, spanning music and athletics. Collectively, this trailblazing team has been responsible for an over $1.5 billion impact on the economy. We are working together with this group to launch a global leadership development series for students (middle, high, college, & beyond).

Join Our Team. Pursue Your Passion.
We are constantly searching for innovative, passionate people to join our team. Once we find the right people, we provide them with the opportunity to pursue their passion and career dreams. As an example, one of our team members is currently being featured, nationally, by the MacArthur Foundation and the National Writing Project.


More about Knowledge Academies, Inc. (KA)

Art Fuller is the Founder of this five-time national award winning network of public schools. His learning model is recognized, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as a national K12 Breakthrough Model for College.


Beginning with a personal investment of $2,000, in just over five years, his education design received one of the largest private investment of capital in the state of Tennessee, from the nation’s largest private investor in K12 public schools. As a result, the non profit he founded is also one of the largest owners of corporate real estate, in one of the fastest growing zip codes and fastest growing cities in the United States, Nashville, Tennessee.

Art has successfully secured funding for economic and community development, education entrepreneurship, and family services innovation from the nation’s largest philanthropies.

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